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About Plantapedia

Plantapedia was started by Peter Rofner to act as a central repository of plant information. It began as a simple inventory list of plants for a local Garden Centre. Have a base stock list prompted the idea of adding basic information to the list creating a simple database. As new plants were added, the database grew.

The first incarnation of the online database appeared on the Richmond Nursery website, though it was somewhat limited, the search was crude, and had no images. An copy of the database including copyrighted images was created for internal use and as an in-store kiosk and for signage purposes. However, the growth of the database and images was severly limited because of copyright issues.

The decision was made to create a completely non-commercial form of the database independant of any single business, hence the birth of Plantapedia. As a non-commercial site free of advertizing, various members of the horticulture industry were more open to the concept of contributing their information to be placed online for the benefit of the Horticulture industry and Gardening in general.

The goal of Plantapedia is very simple: Provide one single source as a plant reference for the benefit of all Gardening.

I would like to give a thanks to all who have supported the development of Plantapedia and also a big thanks to Illustrator Gillian Secord for her wonderful design templates and icons for the site.

Peter Rofner

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