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Our Supporters

Here are a few of our sponsors. A big thanks goes out to all our sponsors who help keep Plantapedia up and running.
AVK Nursery Photos
  Connon Nurseries AVK Holdings is a wholesale grower of high quality nursery stock.
Ball Seed Company
  Billions of seeds. Thousands of innovative plants. One extraordinary experience.
Blue Sky Nursery Ltd. www.blueskynursery.ca Plant information and photos.
  Blue Sky Nursery is a wholesale nursery that has been open to garden centres, nurseries and landscape contractors for 25 years. We pride ourselves on providing premium quality products and service. The competitively priced product available includes Andromeda, Azaleas, Hemerocallis, Hosta, Leucothoe, Mahonia, Pieris, Rhododendron, Syringa, Vaccinium and Grasses.
Braun Horticulture Donated plant photos.
  Braun is a specialized nursery focusing on some of the best wire-basket caliper trees in the business.
DeVroomen www.devroomen.com Plant information.
  With well over 130 years of experience in the business of growing and distributing Dutch flower bulbs, we are now one of Canada's leading importers and distributors of a wide range of horticultural products.
Fischer www.fischerusa.com Plant photos and data.
  Fischer offers one of the widest ranges of vegetative flowering products, created through the intensive breeding programs of Fischer GmbH & Co KG of Hillscheid, Germany and the Goldsmith Seeds Company of Gilroy, California.
Garden Centre Group Co-Op Donated plant photos.
  The Garden Centre Group Co-Op is a Canadian cooperative group with Intependant Garden Centres located coast to coast.
J.C. Bakker & Sons www.jcbakker.com Plant photos.
  Bakker Nurseries production is wholesaled within Canada, as well as to the United States and European markets. The majority of our plant material is grown from propagation to a finished state on our own farms, thus ensuring quality control as well as acclimatization of plants for customers located in colder geographical areas.
Janet Anderson Distinct Perennials
  Former grower of high quality perennials. No longer in business.
Jardiniere St. Louis Donated photographs and plant information.
  A specialized tropical plant grower in Quebec, Canada focusing on the highest of quality plants. Has since closed their operation.
Jelitto Seeds www.jelitto.com
  Jelitto seeds is a premium European supplier of perennial and specialty seeds.
Jill Jensen Botanical Donated plant photos.
  A wholesale only nursery providing high quality tropical plants both grown locally and imported.
Pan American Nursrey Products www.panamnursery.com Plant information and photos
  Pan American wholesales several nursery products such as clematis vines, flowering shrubs, small fruits, perennials, seed potatoes, onion sets, spring and fall bulbs; but their primary focus is bareroot, packaged and container grown rosebushes.
PLANTS Database plants.usda.gov Royalty Free Images from PLANTS Database
  United States Department of Agriculture PLANTS Data
Plants Nouveau http://plantsnouveau.com Plant Images
  Plants Nouveau is a plant marketing company working with breeders to bring new varieties of plants to the market.
Richmond Nursery Inc. www.richmondnursery.com Supplied images, data, and founded the project.
  Richmond Nursery is a retail garden centre and nursery based in Richmond, Ontario, Canada on the outskirts of Ottawa. Peter Rofner of Richmond Nursery currently runs and maintains the Plantapedia project as a non-commercial service to the general public.
Syngenta Flowers Plant Images
  A plant breeder which includes seed varieties under the GoldSmith name as well as vegetables, flowers, and vegetative materials. Now includes the Fischer line.
Terra Nova Nurseries Inc. http://www.terranovanurseries.com Plant Images
  High quality perennial plant propogators and developers.
Walters Gardens Inc.
  Waters Gardens is a wholesale perennial plug grower out of Michigan.
Wikimedia Commons en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Commons GPL'd plant images.
  A repository of free content images, sound and other multimedia files. It is another project of the Wikimedia Foundation like Wikipedia, but one that is a common resource repository to all the various Wikimedia sister projects regardless of language.

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