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Echeveria spp.
Tender Hens-and-Chicks


August, September
No Ornamental Fruit
Hardiness Zone 10-11
Full Sun to Part Shade
Full Sun to Part Shade
Average to Dry
Average to Dry
Easy to grow plant. Does not like clay soils. Features: Alpine Plant, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant.
Landscape Value
Echeveria look similar to hardy Hens-and-Chicks, but plants are frost-tender and must be brought indoors for the winter. Spikes of unusual orange-pink flowers appear in late summer. Excellent in containers, gravel gardens or sunny rock gardens. Allow plants to get fairly dry between waterings. In winter these require a sunny window.
Rounded / Mounded
Rounded / Mounded
Features: Accent, Plant, Good, Container, Plant, Edging, Plant, Evergreen, Specimen.
User Opinions 15cm (6") High
15cm (6") Wide
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