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Phormium x 'Platt's Black'
Dwarf New Zealand Flax

No Ornamental Flower
No Ornamental Fruit
Hardiness Zone 8-9
Full Sun to Part Shade
Full Sun to Part Shade
Average Moisture
Average Moisture
This plant prefers average soil and is easy to grow.
This plant is drought tolerant, alpine, deer resistant, evergreen and can be used as a border, container, specimen, accent.
Landscape Value
New Zealand Flax is a terrific plant for growing in mixed containers as a foliage centre-piece.
This dwarf selection has sword-shaped leaves of rich chocolate brown to near-black.
In all but the mildest areas this should be wintered indoors in a bright, sunny window.
Older plants may produce tall stems of reddish flowers but plants in pots rarely ever bloom.
Large clumps may be divided in early spring by separating the individual fans of leaves, trimming everything back to 6 inches to prevent wilting.
Rounded / Mounded
Rounded / Mounded
User Opinions 55cm (22") High
60cm (24") Wide
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