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Rhododendron x (Azalea) 'Spicy Lights'
Spicy Lights Azalea


April, May
No Ornamental Fruit
Shrub Flower
AVK Nursery
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Hardiness Zone 4
Full Sun to Part Shade
Full Sun to Part Shade
Average Moisture
Average Moisture
Prefers moist, well-drained, acid soil conditions. Best planted in the vicinity of large evergreens due to acid nature of fallen needles.
Landscape Value
Early and bright spring flowers.
"Lights" series is among the hardiest of Azaleas.
Easy to control size and very adaptable.
Rounded / Mounded
Rounded / Mounded
User Opinions 120cm-2m (47"-7') High
120cm-2m (47"-7') Wide
Can be pruned smaller
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